Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Mixer Man "Brand new single sucker" out now in all major retail music stores digital download awesome old skool 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

4th April 2013

New Remix project, currently working on a down-tempo for http://www.relaxators.com/ record label. The recording is going well about  75% down just need to add strings and balance the mix more.. Bye for Now signing off Mixer Man

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mixer Man Music Projects 2012 Big Plans

I haven't recorded any music today just chill-out listen to new songs trying my hardiest to a find a good record label rather than the rubbish mp3 download labels where you create the music but don't get paid for the music. the best way of working within the music industry is to deal with a record label that sells CD,vinyl, t shirts cup not just to upload the music to various websites and wait for people to buy them because that way is the wrong way which is what I have learned now over the past couple of years. it does make me feel mad not just for myself but for all the other artists that have spend along time creating amazing music only not to get paid which looks bad on me as a producer & remixer  I wished a had more control over releasing music and that's why this year I'm trying the Mixer Man music projects into a different direction from Mixer Man

Friday, 22 June 2012

She Said - I want make you feel remix June 2012


25 Monday June 2012 Day Three - She Said I want make you feel remix

Well I just listen to the remix again, and decide to drop a couple of things from the mix just to see how it sounds and Wow its moving on faster now, kept the original bassline drop the dubstep beats,percussion replaced with some Hard kicking dance floor sounds. the style of this remix is now Dance 100% how many days left unsure at the moment but not too many now bye for now from Mixer Man
23 Saturday June 2012 Day Two - She Said Music Project Remix Three

OK I had a listen to the remix, today and started to re-arrange some of the sounds, and its starting to sound a lot better, it has some dub-step with a 90s dance music feel the original version is based on a 90s dance music style song my version is a mixture of styles. I have an idea that I'm starting to put into practice today has been a successful remixing sessions.. Bye for now MM  

22nd Friday June 2012 Day one - She Said Music Project Remix Three

In studio today working on the vocals, starting to sound a bit like dub-step, I like the percussion & some of the break-beats not totally have with the mix yet. trying out some vocal effects bits of the remix are coming together. the bass is sounding really good, organ keys are about right needs more work doing to the remix. bye for now MM

Friday, 15 June 2012

15th June 2012 - Day off

No more songs at the moment, should be back in the studio on Saturday/Sunday not in the mood today for music. decide to listen to some records today instead. its very hard trying to make it within the music industry because you have to give a lot of trust to record labels to sell your music for you. I do really enjoy music but we are all human. what are my goals for 2012 to make it with my music projects, the fight goes on sometimes I feel like setting my own record label up because I'm fed up with people percentage deals are rubbish. Its very rare for a record label to pay for the music up front. If I had just one wish it would be to finally make it within the music industry. At the moment I'm working with music artists from around the world, hoping to not just help myself but other artists as well. don't be fooled by Major labels its very rare if an artist makes serious money from there music I don't know if its luck. Mp3 download sites have killed the music charts, and music sales theirs to many artists on offer which makes life hard for everyone. What can I do really I cannot answer that except keep creating music and one day maybe my wish will come true but until end back to the dead end job... I would love to do music 100% of the time I've being thinking of maybe becoming a A&R agent who knows tomorrows another day. bye from Mixer Man

Thursday, 14 June 2012

14th of June 2012

Today hasn't been a good day, had to go to work not much fun. Really want to carry on with my music projects and sort-out some of my paper work but sadly we all live in the real work. my dream is to write and live from my music 100% percent but at the moment I cannot do that sadly. It does get me down sometimes because im not doing what I truly believe in. anyway we have the weekends and I'm off on the weekends back to doing what I love. bye for now from Mixer Man

Friday, 8 June 2012

8th June 2012

Working on a new remix project with She Said music group from England/France 

Wonderful amazing group two remixes completed checkout the new dubstep remix 
See Soundcloud for Link Removed because new remix done.. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Crap Day

Fed up today its been a crap day,,, Forza 4 is junk not working... Tv is Shit.... All the Same Crap...?

Not really in the mood for music at the moment... I'm not taking any new projects on at the moment because I have enough singers to work with for now.

busy listen to music.. I should have more of an update soon.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012



21 Feb 2012 - Never Stop Song "Remix"

21 Feb 2012

Well I tried out the name joebizz but didn't really like it so moving back to Mixer Man. right now im working on remix for a female artists and the song is called Never Stop which I hope to complete sometime this week. so far I have only been able to do alittle bit of work because im busy planning some new projects. everything is coming together, bye for now more updates soon from The Mixer Man

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25th Jan 2012 - Update JoeBizz Music Project Hed Kandi

We'll I have my first Joebizz music project I'm working for a group you release dance and house songs on Hed kandi in London, the remix is starting to take shape. Beside doing mixer man remixes and songs this year I'll be doing Joe Bizz tracks. 

I have a couple more beat girl songs to do using The Mixer Man brand, still waiting to hear back from previous mixerman songs I've done. This blog will be shared with JoeBizz Brands & Mixer Man Brands. I need to setup a new blog for Joebizz which i'll do some. but for now this site will share the remixes. untill I have get away from my mixing desk. 
I've also blown up my laptop,studio speakers and various anything else I can get my hands on at the moment what a week. The joebizz remix should be completed for Tuesday coming.... watch this space. bye from JoeBizz


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Awesome - Joe Bizz Recrdings 9th Monday January 2012

We'll its 2012 and thing are about to change for me, no more Mixer Man for now welcome to Joe Bizz - I'll have some JoeBizz songs in two weeks time recording now. .... Awesome Get ready to rock.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I'm changing my stage name to JoeBizz New songs coming out watch this space I've working on something and I think its the right time to play it..... from JoeBizz

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

5th Jan 2012 - New Recordings for Soundcloud,Mark Morrisons

Welcome to 2012, my first time writting in 2012 We'll in FEB I'll be releasing a selection of remixes with Mark Morrison after that I'm going to work with a well known group of dance producers who've had hits both in the uk and u.s.a Im still in talks at the moment. 

Everybody is just getting back to work, I'm recording my thrid single of Mark Morrison's new song its sounding really good just hope I can complete it before FEB 2012 anyway bye for now from Mixer Man

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14th Dec 2011 - Madonna "Mixer Man Remix"

The Mixer Man is Currently working on a remix of Madonna, in a couple of weeks time the remix will be available for download for free on soundcloud, for all madonna fans. the plan is to release the mix. maybe next year 2012.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Is myspace dead...?

over the past year or so I have notice that myspace has lost its power over people it once had. nobody seems to be using it anymore

11th Dec 2011- new music projects coming soon

New music projects coming soon watch this space......

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mark Morrison Remix - Due for Release on 2012

Mixer Man Vs Mark Morrison Project

11th Sunday Dec 2011 

The project is going well, enjoying remixing Mark Morrison new single classic hip hop song with a down-tempo. I've completed two versions and decided to write 4 mixes which will make it an EP worth of remixes from me.  

I'm on remix three which I will start writting on Wednesday, in between my other music projects and release. Theres no more beat girl track at the moment because there recording new songs and i'm waiting for the songs. Today I contact Madonna's Manager because im interested in remixing some of her songs.

This is the Mixer Man saying bye for now.

Due to copyrights I cannot upload any samples, but I've been busy remixing Marks new single just waiting on the record label reply from the record label. once I have more information and get premission to upload a small sample Watch this space. I'm working on the EP and will feature remixes by The Mixer Man on Mark Morrisons New Single due to be released in 2012